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22-25 hrs

Voltage 200-240 V

Once cycle is reset the bulb stays in full brightness for an additional 2 hours

Charging time 3-4 hours

Available Variants

  • 6W

  • 9W

  • Cool White

  • Warm White

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  • 9W/6W
    LED Bulb

  • standalone

  • Thread to Pin holder

  • standalone hook holder (Optional)

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Unique Features

  • Any socket fit pin converter
  • Cool white, warm white colors choices.
  • An automatic switching from AC to DC, so it detects power cut
  • Free from inconveniencing part like remote unlike conventional emergency bulbs
  • Multi-purpose bulb, it acts as flashlight, or an emergency light, a camping light
  • 900 lumen which is much more than the best LED Bulbs and emergency lights available in the market


  • 22-25 hrs Runtime with 2 Hours in full brightness
  • Automatic dimming function to preserve battery giving light for up to 25 hours
  • Switching the bulb on and off activates full brightness
  • Reset the cycle and bulb stays in full brightness for an additional 2 hours

Package Constituents

  • 1 x 9W/6W LED Bulb
  • 1 x Thread to Pin holder converter
  • 1 x Wireless converter or standalone converter
  • 25 hours
    power backup

  • Lumen

  • Voltage
    200-240 V