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Milestones | Vinverth



“From small beginnings come great things.” With a wish to be the first choice of Dubai’s discerning consumers in the flashlight space, Jupiter Trading Company was born in the year 1989.


Into a market dominated by plastic flashlights, Jupiter brought in the Maglite brand of flashlights. Through our innovative and unique marketing strategies Maglite went on to become the highest market grosser in UAE.


The drive to do more each day inspired Jupiter to carve out a market for Acculux – a German flashlight brand which was waiting to enter UAE. With yet another of Jupiter’s focused marketing strategy, Acculux soon climbed up market share charts and reigned over the gulf market.


Building third party brands into market leaders demonstrated and honed Jupiter’s marketing abilities and ratified its marketing strategies. It also gave insights into what the consumer expected and what was lacking in existing products. Thus was born BRITELITE – Jupiter’s very own brand of flashlights. The quality of equipment and unmatched after sales service aided Jupiter’s marketing prowess in making Britelite the market leader and the most loved brand.


Our market research and understanding of consumer needs and wants fueled Jupiter’s research into Consumer electronics. Thus was launched in 2001– VINVERTH, Jupiter’s brand of household appliances. We kept our promises with VINVERTH too, which made consumers quickly replace incumbent brands with VINVERTH in the top slot.


VINVERTH launches the most powerful rechargeable emergency lights with trend setting features like Energy Saving Function, special tubes that give maximum brightness with less intake of power, increased battery life.


VINVERTH pioneers the HD (high definition) player that converts user signals to HD quality and launches DVD Players with 5.1 and 7.1 Channel system compatibility. 

VINVERTH launches the fastest wrinkle removing steam irons with patented water flow technology.


VINVERTH pioneers the 7.1 channel home theater system. VINVERTH’s discerning consumers could test the quality of the output through playing the nostalgic songs of yesteryears which we recorded and mixed in 5.1 channel surround technology.


Jupiter launches its first flagship store in Bur Dubai Meena Bazar. Showcasing products under the VINVERTH and BRITELITE brands, the store provides a chance to experience the real essence of the multitude of products on display.


BRITELITE introduces its night glow patented technology flashlights into the market. 5 months after Britelite rolls out its new range flashlights, all competitor brands followed suit and has made night glow technology a standard feature in Flashlights.


Jupiter Group opens its second showroom in Bur Dubai Meena Bazar.


Jupiter Group opens its first showroom in Ajman


To further the process of seamless integration of in-house research and quality production, Jupiter begins assembly line production in its Coimbatore based manufacturing facility. Jupiter’s commitment to its customers is ratified when the facility receives ISO 9001 certification within 15 months of operation.

BRITELITE introduces its patented Intelligent light detection technology into its line of production and releases a new model of flashlight incorporating the same. This model currently enjoys the largest market share in terms of medium range flashlights in the market.


Jupiter Group opens a new showroom in Sharjah.


BRITELITE introduces Mini-USB charging and advanced lithium ion battery technology across all its models as a standard feature, being the only brand in the middle east to introduce this. This marks the launch of BRITELITE -Evolution series.