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FAQ | Vinverth


How can I send my Britelite/Vinverth product for service?

Britelite / Vinverth products can be handed over to any authorized service centre (refer service centre locator for list of service centres)

How can I send my Britelite/Vinverth product if the service centre is far away from my place?

Britelite / Vinverth products can be sent for service through any local courier agency for a nominal charge.

Will there be any charge for servicing my Britelite/Vinverth product?

The service will be free of charge while the unit is covered under warranty and if the unit is not tampered with. If the service is chargeable, the matter will be intimated to the customer.

Is proof of purchase necessary for getting warranty service of my Britelite/Vinverth product?

Proof of purchase is mandatory for service of Britelite / Vinverth product. The Customer is liable to produce proof of purchase upon request by any authorized service center authorities.

What is the warranty period of Britelite and Vinverth Products?

1 year from the date of manufacture or batch code date.

From where can I find my nearest service centre / collection centre?

Click on the service centre locator.

What are the warranty policies of Britelite / Vinverth Products?

The unit should not be opened or tampered withThe unit should be within the warranty period (for free service)Flashlights should be received with accessories (adaptor and battery)